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Ray Neuro Sciences: Your Journey to Better Brain and Spine Health.

Ray Neuro Sciences, headed by the esteemed Dr. Karthikeyan YR, is an integral component of the comprehensive healthcare facility known as Ray Speciality Clinic. Dr. Karthikeyan YR is a highly regarded neurosurgeon with a wealth of experience and specialized expertise in the field of neurosurgery, making him a key figure in our commitment to providing accessible state-of-the-art surgical super-speciality care to a diverse patient population.

Our service portfolio at Ray Speciality Clinic spans various medical domains. This includes cutting-edge services in advanced oncology, specialized Hepatobiliary and Liver transplant procedures, intricate neurosurgical interventions, spine surgery, as well as Plastic, Reconstructive, and Cosmetic surgical services. Our approach is to offer a holistic range of medical solutions for individuals dealing with complex medical conditions.

At the heart of our mission is the unwavering belief that access to surgical care is a fundamental right that every citizen should enjoy. This foundational principle underscores our dedication to serving the community with high-quality medical care, irrespective of their background or circumstances.

Ray Neuro Sciences, under the guidance of Dr. Karthikeyan YR, is committed to the principles of personalized and patient-centric care. We understand that each patient is unique, and their medical journey should reflect this individuality. This philosophy is ingrained in our approach, from the initial clinical assessment and diagnosis, throughout the entire treatment course, and including rehabilitation.

Our overarching goal is to restore normalcy in the lives of our patients and promote their overall well-being. Dr. Karthikeyan YR and our esteemed medical team work diligently to ensure that every patient receives the best possible care, and that each step of their healthcare journey is marked by excellence, compassion, and personalized attention. The collaborative efforts of our team, led by Dr. Karthikeyan YR, reflect our commitment to delivering the highest standards of healthcare and facilitating the recovery and health of our patients.

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Dedicated to providing compassionate, high-quality healthcare.

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Minimally invasive spine surgery

Precision-focused, minimally invasive spine surgery for maximum relief and faster recovery in Ray Neuro Sciences.

Endoscopic spine surgery

Advanced endoscopic spine surgery at Ray Neuro Sciences, maximizing patient comfort, and minimizing recovery time.

Spinal Fusion Procedures

Cutting-edge spinal fusion procedures at Ray Neuro Sciences for lasting relief and improved spine health.

Spinal Tumours

Comprehensive care for spinal tumours at Ray Neuro Sciences, ensuring precise diagnosis and effective treatment.

Brain Tumours

Ray Neuro Sciences: Leading the way in diagnosing and treating brain tumors with precision and care.

Skull Base Surgeries

Mastering intricacies with precision: Ray Neuro Sciences excels in complex skull base surgeries for improved outcomes


Transforming lives with expert epilepsy care at Ray Neuro Sciences, delivering effective treatment and improved quality of life.

Traumatic Brain & Spine injuries

Ray Neuro Sciences: Pioneering care for traumatic brain and spine injuries, restoring hope, and promoting recovery.

Headache/ Backache/ Neck pain

Relief is within reach at Ray Neuro Sciences for headache, backache, and neck pain, with personalized solutions for every patient.


Ray Neuro Sciences: A lifeline for stroke patients, offering rapid, life-saving care and rehabilitation for brighter tomorrows.